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A Description of the Signs and Coming of Jesus from the Parallel Accounts of the Olivet Discourse

The parallel passages described together below are Matthew 24–25, Mark 13:1–37, and Luke 21:5–36. Matthew adds a number of parables to the section that are not recorded in Mark or Luke, and Luke gives a number of details that are not recorded in Matthew or Mark. Matthew 24:1–3; Mark 13:1–4; Luke 21:5–7 The disciples pointed […]

The Two Beatings of Jesus 

Each gospel records one instance in which Jesus was beaten just before His crucifixion, but it seems that a comparison of these accounts indicates that Jesus was beaten more than once. In trying to sort out the details, it is helpful to remember that a beating by the Romans could vary in intensity, and three […]

The Synoptic Witness of the Transfiguration

As we have seen, Mark is somewhat abbreviated when the Evangelists of the other Gospels give more detail. What follows is an account of all the details given from the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) on the record of the Transfiguration. (John does not record the Transfiguration.) Except for a few words here and […]


Jesus, Children, and Humility

Mark 9:33–37, 42, Matthew 18:1–5, and Luke 9:46–48 give parallel accounts of Jesus’ use of a child to illustrate His teaching to the disciples. These passages differ, however, in which teaching they choose to report. We see at least four teachings from these passages. Have the faith and humility of a child (Matt 18:3–4). Speaking […]

One or Two in Three Gospels? An Exercise in Inerrancy

There are two sets of parallel Synoptic passages in which Mark and Luke speak of a man that Jesus healed while Matthew speaks of two men. In the first, Mark and Luke record that Jesus cast demons out of a man (Mark 5:1–20; Luke 8:26–39), and Matthew speaks of Jesus casting demons out of two […]

Where Did the Pigs Plunge? (Matt 8:26; Mark 5:1; Luke 8:26)

Ancient manuscripts of Scripture attest to three variants or options for the name to identify where Jesus cast some demons into pigs which then ran into the sea (Matt 8:26; Mark 5:1; Luke 8:26). The names given are Gadara, Gerasa, and Gergesa. Interestingly, of six major translations surveyed, none of them are uniform in their […]

An Earthly Investment with Eternal Dividends

A quick review of a parable in Luke 16:1–8 allows us to understand an important lesson that Jesus taught in Luke 16:9. A mediocre manager reported to his master and was consequently fired for squandering his master’s goods (16:1–2). As a part of being relieved from his position, he was commanded to turn in an […]