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Jonah, Jesus, and the Raging Seas

There are some notable parallels and contrasts between the stories of Jonah and Jesus in Jonah 1:1–16 and Mark 4:35–41 (cf. Matthew 8:23–27; Luke 8:22–25). As for parallels, just as Jonah and the sailors experienced “a great wind…a mighty tempest” (Jonah 1:4), so also Jesus and the disciples likewise experienced “a great windstorm” (Mark 4:37). […]

Jesus: God of Wind and Sea

Mark 4:35–41 records the actions of Jesus, displaying His power over wind and sea (cf. pars. Matt 8:23–27; Luke 8:22–25). His power in quelling the storm shows Him to be no less than God, for God alone is the one who possesses such power. A few passages from the OT inform us as to relationship […]

The Son of Man: What Means This Title?

“The son of man” (ben ʾāḏām) is used 107 times in the OT, 93 of which refer to Ezekiel in the book that bears his name. Of the other 14, Daniel is addressed as Ezekiel was (Dan 8:17), and the remaining 13 uses all refer to man in general in the second line of a […]

Events and Appearances of Jesus after the Resurrection

These are my own notes taken from Don N. Howell, Jr., The Passion of the Servant: A Journey to the Cross (Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, 2009), pp. 351–61. Howell gives a great chart and ten pages of explanation for what I have abbreviated below.     Matthew 28:1–4; Mark 16:1–3; Luke 24:1; John 20:1 […]

The Importance of the Miraculous Conception

There at least five reasons to note as to why it is important to believe that Jesus was miraculously conceived of a virgin.* First, it is important for the trustworthiness of the Gospel records. Luke claimed that he wrote his gospel “having investigated everything carefully from the beginning” (Luke 1:3). If he was wrong concerning […]