The Old Testament in the Book of Revelation (Revelation 18:4–8)

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Passage Summary

John heard another angel calling the people of God to abandon Babylon in order to avoid a share in her judgment (18:4). She exhausted God’s patience with her sins, and He recalls them all at this time (18:5). Her judgment would be in proportion to her sins (18:6). Her self-glorification would be repaid with torment and mourning, her luxury with famine, and her avoidance of widowhood with death (18:7–8). These judgments and fire will suddenly consume Babylon and show the Lord God’s might (18:8).

Old Testament in the New

Revelation Old Testament Connection Between the Two
18:4 Isa 52:11; Jer 50:8; 51:6, 45 God’s people are commanded to flee the place of judgment.
18:5 Jer 51:9 Babylon’s sins are so many they have reached heaven, provoking her judgment.
18:6 Ps 137:8; Jer 50:15, 29 Judgment would be given in proportion to Babylon’s sins.
18:7 Isa 47:7–9; Zeph 2:15 Judgment comes upon the one who avoided suffering and engaged in sin.
18:8 Isa 47:9; Jer 50:31-32 Sudden judgment with fire would consume the one who sinned.

 A Parting Thought

We are not gods who are entitled to live arrogantly and lavishly while others suffer at our expense. If we were ever to find ourselves part of a group of people that promotes such a life, we must pull away, knowing that God will judge them. Rather, may we be humble and generous, shouldering and sharing whatever burdens come our way.

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