The Old Testament in the Book of Revelation (Revelation 14:1–5)

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Passage Summary

John looks past the Tribulation to see the Lamb standing on Mount Zion in contrast to the dragon and beasts standing on the sand (14:1). Zion could be the literal Jerusalem in the Millennium, thus showing the Lamb’s victory in the face of what precedes it (cf. Zech 14:1–2). John then hears a voice like the roar of waters, loud thunder, and harps, a collective heavenly voice of those singing before the four creatures, elders, and the throne (14:3). The 144,000 from 7:4–8 learn their song, those who were redeemed during the Tribulation as the first of many to be saved during this time (cf. 7:9–14) and due to the hardships of this time, remained celibate (14:3–4). They were also truthful and blameless (14:5). 

Old Testament in the New 

Revelation Old Testament Connection Between the Two
14:1 Ps 2:6 Mount Zion is the central location from which God’s Anointed rules.
14:1 Ezek 9:4 Those marked by God are His own, persevere, and are protected by Him.
14:2 Ezek 1:24; 43:2 Both prophets heard something that sounded like roaring waters.
14:2–3 Ps 144:9 A new song is sung and joined by the sound of harps.
14:5 Zeph 3:13 The remnant in each passage speaks truth (cf. Isa 53:9).

 A Parting Thought

As with the 144,000, God sometimes calls people to difficult tasks with difficult circumstances. Just as they are the redeemed who will be with the Lamb, so shall it be true of us, and whatever tasks and circumstances may be ours, let us persevere just the same.

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