The Old Testament in the Book of Revelation (Revelation 13:1–4)

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Passage Summary

John saw a beast rising from the sea (13:1), elsewhere identified as the abyss (11:7; 17:8), symbolizing, if nothing else, an evil origin. The beast had ten horns and seven heads, symbolic of kings (17:10, 12), shown for their royalty though crowns (13:1). The seven heads were littered with blasphemous names (13:1). The beast will run like a leopard, devour like a bear, and ravage like a lion, all by the power and authority of Satan (13:2). One of the seven heads, killed and then resurrected, it seems, represents the Antichrist (cf. 17:8, 11) who is followed for this death-and-life experience (13:3). Mankind gives himself to the worship of Satan and the Antichrist at this time (13:4; cf. 2 Thess 2:3–4).

 Old Testament in the New

Revelation Old Testament Connection Between the Two
13:1 Dan 7:3, 7, 8 A beast comes out of the sea with ten horns, symbolizing kings.
13:2 Dan 7:4–6, 8 Whereas Daniel has four beasts, John’s beast combines features of these four (like a lion, leopard, and bear).
13:3 Dan 7:8 One king stands out among the others.
13:4 Dan 7:6; 8:24 The beast has incredible power from an outside source (Satan)

A Parting Thought

Left to himself, man will always replace God with something or someone else, however sinful his idol may be. Let us beware that neither thing nor person steal the amazement we have in God, even if the person were to be raised from the dead!

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