The Old Testament in the Book of Revelation (Revelation 12:13–17)

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Passage Summary

 Continuing John’s vision (cf. 12:1–12), Satan the dragon persecuted Israel the woman (12:13). Symbolized by help from a great eagle’s wings, God gave her strength (great) and speed (wings) to escape into the wilderness where she would be given provision for three and one-half years (12:14). Maybe a literal flood or perhaps symbolic of an army, the dragon attempted to drown the woman (12:15). Either way, an earthquake swallows the river from his mouth (12:16). Angered by his failure, the dragon went to make war against her children, those who obey God and believe in Jesus (12:17). Standing on the sea, the dragon readied himself to call his allies in opposing the people of God (12:17; cf. 13:1–18).

 Old Testament in the New 

Revelation Old Testament Connection Between the Two
12:14 Exod 19:4; Deut 32:11; Isa 40:31 Protection by God is pictured as the delivered being carried away by the eagle’s wings.
12:14 Dan 7:25; 12:7; Hos 2:14-15 Israel is persecuted in the latter half of the Tribulation, taken into the wilderness.
12:15 Hos 5:10 The one who sends the flood is angry with those who bear its waters. Sometimes this water is symbolic of armies (cf. Jer 46:7–8; 47:2–3). Some suggest Dan 9:26 is in view.
12:16 Exod 15:12 God opens the earth against His opposition.
12:17 Gen 3:15 The serpent is at enmity with the woman’s offspring.

 A Parting Thought 

Whatever animosity we as God’s people may feel from Satan and his forces, God’s protection is enough, even if it be of our souls and not our bodies. As He does so, let us persevere by keeping God’s commandments and upholding the testimony of Jesus.

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