The Old Testament in the Book of Revelation (Revelation 11:3–6)

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Passage Summary

The two witnesses are granted authority to prophesy in sackcloth for 1,260 days (11:3). In the raptured church’s absence (cf. 1:20; 3:10–11), these two now shine the gospel as lampstands, the means whereby a great multitude of Gentiles and 144,000 Jews are saved (cf. 7:3–14). They use fire to kill their opponents (11:5), stop the rain, turn water to blood, and do whatever plagues they choose as often as they desire (11:6).

Old Testament in the New 

Revelation Old Testament Connection Between the Two
11:4 Zech 4:1–3, 11–14 Israel and the two witnesses would be God’s light to the world.
11:5 2 Kgs 1:10 Fire came at the command of a prophet to consume the enemies of God. Cf. also Num 16:35; Jer 5:14.
11:6 Exod 7:19–25 A plague may be turning water into blood.
11:6 1 Kgs 17:1 A plague may be the absence of rain.

 A Parting Thought 

Christ will protect His own (1 John 5:18), even sending specially chosen servants to do miracles to protect those who have not yet come to Him (i.e., Israel as a whole). In this, we see a very tangible example of how Christ will indeed receive all those that His Father has chosen to give to Him (John 6:37).

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