The Old Testament in the Book of Revelation (Revelation 3:7–13)

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Passage Summary

Jesus speaks to the church in Philadelphia as the holy and true One who has the key of David and thus the power to allow entrance into His kingdom or not (3:7). His door to this kingdom is open to them, and He commends them for keeping His Word and not denying His name (3:8). Despite their little power, their opponents would bow before their feet and know Christ loved them (3:9). Christ would also preserve them from the hour that would try all unbelievers on earth (3:10). This protection would be soon, which was motivation for endurance and being ready for His arrival to receive their crowns (3:11). Jesus promised the overcomer to be a pillar in God’s temple, symbolic of his permanent future in His kingdom, and to be inscribed with the names of God, the New Jerusalem, and Himself, all indicating his standing in God and Christ and residence in the New Jerusalem to come (3:12). Those with ears were to hear the Spirit’s words (3:13).

Old Testament in the New

Revelation Old Testament Connection Between the Two
3:7 Isa 22:22 The authority of kingdom entrance or denial is given to Him who holds the key (cf. Isa 45:1).
3:9 Isa 49:23; 60:14; Ps 86:9 The enemies of God’s people will bow before God’s people because He loves them (cf. Isa 43:4)
3:12 Isa 56:3–5; 62:2; 65:15;   Eze 48:35 The name of God, a new name, and the name of the city are for those who reside with Him forever.

A Parting Thought

A promise to the churches is that we will be spared from the hour to come that ravages those who dwell on earth, those who will bow before the ones they previously persecuted. Instead, we will be blessed to reside in Jesus’ eternal kingdom!

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