The Old Testament in the Book of Revelation (Revelation 2:12–17)

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Passage Summary

Jesus speaks to the church in Pergamum as the One who has the sharp two-edged sword, which will come from His mouth to slay the nations (2:12; cf. 19:15). Jesus acknowledged that Satan’s dwelling-place and throne were in Pergamum, implying his role in persecution in light of how the believers did not deny the faith in the days of the now-martyred Antipas (2:13). However, Jesus spoke against those who held to teaching that allowed for idolatry and immorality (2:14–15) and commanded them to repent, lest He war against them with the sword of His mouth (2:16). Jesus commanded the hearers to hear and promised the overcomer hidden manna, perhaps a reference to Himself (2:17; cf. John 6:35, 48) or manna stored in the heavens above (cf. Ex 16:4). He also promised a white stone with a new name thereon, perhaps the name of God (cf. 3:12), inviting the recipient to the marriage feast of the Lamb (cf. 19:9), similar to how pagans at that time might invite one another to a feast for one of their gods. The primary idea in 2:17 seems to be eating in a setting that confirms to the overcomer that he has come to enjoy eternal life in full.

Old Testament in the New 

Revelation Old Testament Connection Between the Two
2:12 Isa 49:2 The sword is one of judgment, warring against its hearers when it is bared (cf. Isa 11:4).
2:14 Num 22:5-25:3; 31:8, 16 Idolatry and immorality came by Balaam’s teaching, sins in Pergamum as well.
2:17 Exod 16:4, 31–36 Manna is God’s provision for life from heaven, physical in the OT, spiritual in NT.
2:17 Isa 62:2; 65:15 God’s people are called by a new name that He will give, showing them to be His people.

 A Parting Thought

Heresy in the church brings the wrath of Christ. Let us be those who persevere not just in the face of persecution but also in teaching the truth so that we might enjoy hidden manna at the feast to which we are invited in the life to come!

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