The Old Testament in the Book of Revelation (Revelation 1:9–20)

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Passage Summary

John formally addressed his readers and noted his share of suffering for Christ through exile on Patmos (1:9).The Spirit gave him a vision of Jesus who told John to record his visions to the seven churches (1:10–11). John turned around to further hear and now see Jesus in divine array and standing in the midst of seven lampstands and holding seven stars (1:12–16). Jesus comforted the frightened John and spoke of His eternality, resurrection, and authority over death (1:17–18). He commanded John to write again and explained the stars as messengers to the churches and lampstands as the churches (1:19–20).

Old Testament in the New

Revelation Old Testament Connection Between the Two
1:10 Ezek 2:2; 3:12

8:3; 11:1, 24; 37:1; 43:5

Like Ezekiel, John had visions by the Spirit.
1:12–13 Exod 25:37 Lampstands continually dwell in the presence of God (notice Jesus walks in their midst).
1:13–14 Dan 7:9, 13; 10:5–6, 16; Ezek 43:2 The Son of God is as Daniel saw long ago. The robe and sash show His position, the white hair His oneness with the Father in wisdom and eternality, the fiery eyes His seeing all in judgment, the bronzed feet taking His purity wherever He walks, the voice His power.
1:16 Judg 5:31; Isa 11:4; 49:2 The sun shows strength, and the spoken word cuts with judgment.
1:17 Isa 41:4 Like the Father, the Son is the first and last.
1:18 Job 3:18; Hos 13:14 Death is personified. The Taskmaster of the residents of Hades is Jesus, as shown by keys.
1:20 Dan 2:28–30, 45–47 God reveals the unknown (mysteries) concerning the future.

 A Parting Thought

This vision is Jesus’ last appearance to the church. If John fell down as dead, truly comprehending Christ as He is seen here should overwhelm us as well.

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