The Old Testament in the Book of Revelation (Revelation 2:1–7)

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Passage Summary 

Jesus speaks as the One who holds the seven stars in the midst of the seven lampstands (2:1). He commends the Ephesians for their stand against heresy and endurance (2:2–3), condemns them for losing their first love, perhaps their love for others and one another (2:4), and threatens to remove the church if this love remained unrepentantly absent (2:5). The church was again commended for hating evil works (2:6). Jesus commands the hearers to hear and promises eating from the tree of life to those who conquer (2:7).


Old Testament in the New

Revelation Old Testament Connection Between the Two
2:4 Jer 2:2 Truly following God has a degree of zeal that sometimes fades away.
2:7a Isa 6:9–11 Those who believe have ears to hear the words of Christ. Cf. Matt 13:9; Luke 8:8; Mark 4:9.
2:7b Gen 2:9;
Those who eat of the tree of life live forever with Him in His paradise.

A Parting Thought

We all share the responsibility of maintaining a zealous love for God and one another in the church. We must show that we truly hear these words (by obeying them!), lest Christ see a lack of love as a whole among the church and remove the church altogether. Those whose love is as it ought to be can be assured by this love and their conquering that they will one day eat from the tree of life.

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